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Online Learning. Redesigned

Learning Lama: An online learning solution that lets companies map the entire organization and create customized eLearning templates by using interactive modules to enhance effectiveness of training, while reducing cost and time.

Hiring and training talent to fit into the especial business culture of your organization is an expensive practice especially with respect to the anxieties over retention of that talent.

Learning Lama through an e-learning platform mitigates these costs and augments the aptitude of talent through interactive modules that engage better. The application uses training modules that unite rich media content and a self-paced environment that decidedly enhance the attention of talent in absorbing the training. The engine juggles different functionalities across setting effective alarms and reports to periodic evaluations that track the performance of every trainee involved in the program.

Managing the content of the different modules is easier with the Learning Lama since its friendly interface assists in planning schedules and allows easy uploading of content. With the importance placed on developing trainees holistically, social media and integration with other support boards make it easier for those involved to keep abreast with the program. Complementary with classrooms and combination training programs that allows customizing content the application manages flexibility in its host of solutions. With minimal logistics and infrastructure requirements the Learning Lama suite attracts most clients in its flexible operations that understand the importance of cost-efficient solutions.

At Five Elements, we endorse flexibility and scalability into all processes and our e-learning system does the same, tailor-made to satiate your curiosity in all online solutions.

More often than not, you spend on hiring and training talent to your business’s especial operations and find them leaving you too soon to make a return on your investment.

Learning Lama, through its e-learning platform reduces the costs and time of training while enhancing training with highly interactive modules.

  • Plan online learning session based on individuals training requirement
  • Easy to customize and create modules for online learning
  • Assign need based modules as joining kit , mandatory or optional training
  • Role based secure access – Ability to map all functions within an organization
  • User friendly admin module to plan and publish training sessions
  • Capability to use rich media content that improves interactivity
  • Robust performance tracking on training sessions completed
  • Inbuilt online assessments module to conduct evaluation training effectiveness
  • Set alarms, triggers and reminders for eLearning activities
  • Generate and print certificates for completion of training

Not only does our e-learning application provide superior training modules, we also aim at tracking modules to deliver solutions that count.

With rich media content through an interactive, self-paced environment, we at Five Elements believe in Learning Lama as a breakthrough platform for all businesses that rear competitive advantage as with their talent. For managing the content of your modules, our online learning engine juggles effortlessly between different functionalities that pleasantly reward our clients.

  • Centralized management of eLearning training programs
  • Enable Customization of learning across levels
  • Standardization of learning process across organization
  • No initial IT investment and no ongoing maintenance cost
  • Detailed reporting and insightful analytics
  • No upfront cost – Pay per use Model

Online Learning

Administration Capabilities

Companies can use Learning Lama to:

  • Configure and map entire organization
  • Configure location, groups, functions and level of each individual
  • User Management – Add, Edit and Delete Users
  • Manage Modules - Add, Assign and Delete Modules
  • Create training plan
  • Initiate alerts and triggers
  • Create customized learning templates
  • Customize reports formats
  • Evaluate post training effectiveness
  • Publish reports

Users can use Learning Lama to:

  • Manage user dashboard
  • View training modules assigned
  • Request training
  • Save and replay online sessions
  • Track their own performance