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AssessHub, our psychometric and aptitude assessment tool has wide variety of applications addressing functional needs

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Employment Suitability. Assured

AssessHub - Real Time online assessments for candidates, customized as per organizational requirements to find out the best-suited profile for prospective employees and improve the quality of hire.

AssessHub involves use of customized online assessments which comprises of all areas of aptitude test, personality test, English test, verbal ability test, and logical reasoning assessment to evaluate potentials of prospective employees and integrate them into your organization in their best-suited profile.

Developed by industry stalwarts and HR professionals, ‘AssessHub’ is set to please recruiters with solutions embracing the entire aspect of employment suitability fine-tuned to your organization.

The assessment test works across different hierarchy, regions and processes due to its custom made design and process. It makes managing assessments easier through its profile of real time tracking and centralized accounts to search and filter candidates. AssessHub enables a detailed report of pre hiring practices and completely primes recruiters with a standardized suite of outcomes for candidates to put them through to the next round of interviews. Through a simplified interface and a commitment to delivering the right shortlist of talent, AssessHub is a budding industry favorite with a number of endorsements across organizations everywhere.

Tailoring the best hiring solutions is no easy task but AssessHub made the effort worth it for us. Industry veterans endeavoring to marry scalability and innovative technology into the product have developed the capabilities of the assessment mechanism with a superior structure to help mitigate time and costs well. Whether the domain of testing is in aptitude or reasoning or psychometrics AssessHub unites multiple question formats, easy to use design and complex algorithms to generate assessments that visibly balance the suitability of candidates to work profile.

Having completed 50,000 assessments, ‘AssessHub’ has proved that it is not just a superior hiring solution, but also as a thinking engine that develops your human resource and our credential as a leader in developing superior online assessment tests.

Transformative businesses, for significant growth and expansion, require the best human resources and ‘AssessHub’ assists you in improving your quality of hire.

It isn’t just an online assessment test that delivers on hiring solutions; it also develops your recruits to becoming the best professional in accord with their capabilities.

  • Ready to use employment suitability tests – Aptitude, English, Reasoning, Personality, IT skills tests and Psychometric tests
  • Supports multiple question formats (MCQ, True/False, Short Answer, Video, Audio, Pictures, Fill in the blanks, Essay/Comprehension, Matching Sequence )
  • Role based secure access – Ability to map all functions within an organization
  • Web and image proctoring for online invigilation
  • Built in complex algorithm to generate and evaluate questions
  • Generate and print certificates
  • Time bound and random question generation
  • Supports online and offline test with OMR support


The evaluations provided by ‘AssessHub’ greatly assist you in realizing your potential employees not just as personnel but people with tools that can effectively transform them into superior stakeholders.

Using custom question banks and in-built profiling of candidates, you can be sure of landing the right talent. In easing out your recruitment concerns, ‘AssessHub’ acts to understand the uniqueness of your organization and then help you to find those professionals that greatly add value in your operations. Pre hire tests have complex algorithms for generating the assessments and customizing scoring, which enable you to recognize the unique aptitudes of the potentials.

  • Customization of evaluation across levels
  • Standardization of evaluation process across regions and time zones
  • Centralized management of assessment activity
  • Real time reporting on candidates performance
  • No initial IT investment and no ongoing maintenance cost
  • Detailed reporting and insightful analytics
  • No upfront cost – Pay per use Model

Assessment and Tests Cycle

Administration Capabilities

Companies can use AssessHub to

  • Configure and map entire organization
  • Manage Question bank which consist of upwards of 25000 questions
  • Create customized exam templates
  • Create Exam Instance
  • Configure OMR /OCR Functionality
  • User Management – Add, Edit and Delete Users
  • Create and Manage groups
  • Customize reports
  • Review results

Prospective Employee can

  • Apply for specific jobs
  • Register for online assessment
  • Subscribe for assessments
  • Give online assessments
  • Review results