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Gauging capabilities of employees and developing new business procedures for hiring and retaining skilled talent in the Retail Industry.

The second largest source of employment for India, the retail sector is set to grow into a major stakeholder for the economy.

With these expansions in place, it is no wonder that employment opportunities are on an all-time high and so is the number of HR firms scrambling for a slice of this business. It is in our responsibility as a member of the HR fraternity to share the bigger picture with retailers. The details that might be forgotten like high attrition rates and gaps in middle management are emerging concerns that we seek to address. Our effort as a HR solution provider has always revolved around our expertise in making our contributions continue through the complete recruitment cycle and therefore retaining your talent becomes easier with us as your partner.

The real challenge is in retaining the skilled employees working in supply chain logistics or product development and marketing and engaging them with greater prospects of growth to maintain a competitive advantage in your assets. In recognizing and retaining these knowledge workers, we proactively work in developing new procedures to ease them into your business. We gauge their capabilities to suitably compensate them with promotions in tune with their growth so that they can realize their value in your business and work harder.

We allocate our people and processes to find you floor staff, salespeople, supervisors and managers and knowledge workers that are motivated by more than just money. Training your employees and increasing their perks can go a long way in imprinting loyalty and we come with consultative services that help you in recognizing where your HR practices can improve to increase the productivity of your workforce.