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AssessHub, our psychometric and aptitude assessment tool has wide variety of applications addressing functional needs

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We deliver recruits that are tailor-made to service your unique needs and constantly develop candidates beyond their aptitude by motivating talent through empowerment byusing metric tracking tools and automated models.

1.2 trillion dollars are spent each year globally on developing and researching pharmaceuticals and this trend is only looking one way- up! With such large investments that sometimes don't pay off, an important subculture that is being investigated upon is the HR practices that have been a driver for those companies that have managed to mitigate risks and maintain profitability. Talent in this tough market is what drives generic competition away from those that persist in vision and execution and we at Five Elements recommend our solutions to help you realize your potential as a business.

Our solutions go beyond carrot and stick measures like fat pay packages for talent; we believe your best bet to work talent better is in motivating them through empowerment and our comprehensive packages work across employee growth. Recognizing the potential of every asset is the key to any successful business and we believe in doing the same for our referrals. Our metric tracking tools and automated models ensure this continuous process of developing candidates beyond their aptitude.

At Five Elements we love challenges and we work around all levels of recruitments to lab technicians to the think tanks that revolutionize your business as a superior R&D firm. Whether it's an interim replacement or an executive placement, our consultants deliver those recruits that are tailor-made to service your unique needs.