About Us

At Five Elements, a consistent push is given to innovating HR Solutions that cater to tailor made solutions for skills assessments and quality recruitment. This is why we consider our Clients as our partners who help us help them and help us evolve into a stellar HR Solutions partner as we realize common goals.

Unification of Minds

There is perhaps no better example of synergistic growth than professionals coming from different backgrounds to collectively work towards a common goal of providing end to end HR services. This is achieved not just by sheer hard work, but by the unification of brilliant minds across all verticals at Five Elements. We have employed some of the best minds in the industry, and it’s the collective of thoughts emitted from these brilliant minds that result in groundbreaking business strategies and successful achievement of goals. This 'cumulative thought effect' manifests itself in the form of expansion of business across geographies, excellent relationships with our clients and our technologically advanced and state-of-the-art HR products.

What we do

At Five Elements, we’re an ebullient bunch of people, and this is precisely why we love what we do. We have helped a multitude of clients across industries and geographies with flawless recruitment, training, campus placement and online assessment solutions by leveraging the excellent skills of our team which repeatedly shares best practices in order to uphold the high quality we have always delivered. Five Elements has already, catered to and been commended by, clients across India, US, UK and the Middle east.